Today was one of those days. I had a long list of things that absolutely needed to get done and a level of motivation that was historically low. I pushed forward anyway but after a morning full of roadblocks, writers block and phone calls that brought more questions than answers I decided that what the day needed was a fresh perspective. To quote someone from California, it was time for a “board” meeting.

Minutes later I was walking into the lake, paddle board under my arm and setting my intention to connect with the watery worlds of creation and creativity. I stood there for a moment with bare feet buried in the wet sand, grounding to the powerful energy of the earth. I was starting to feel better already.

I hopped on the board, picked up the paddle and set out to do a lap around Fox Island. When I reached the Northern tip I saw two Blue Herons fishing in the shallows. Normally they’d be easily spooked but today I was able to get really close. For some reason they were more occupied with the fish. I settled into a rowing rhythm and listened to the sound of the waves splash on the rocky shore as I made my way around the island.

By the time I completed the loop I had forgotten all about the morning’s drudgery. I built up quite a sweat in the mid day sun but the workout was invigorating. I paddled passed my starting point at the north end of the island and out into the middle of the lake then jumped off into the water feeling instantly refreshed. The gentle wind became much more noticeable on my wet skin as I climbed back on the board. I felt a welcome chill and was happy to see the breeze was blowing in my direction. Time to relax and drift toward home.

Leaning back on the board and gazing up into a blue sky mottled with the exact type of puffy white clouds that your imagination can run wild with, a word I’d never heard before popped into my head – Zenergy.

What a cool word to come out of nowhere. For the moment I thought it was my word and that I just came up with it. When I got home I Googled it and found it had already been used for everything from wind chimes to wellness centers. So much for coining a new term but that didn’t matter to me. I knew it had appeared for a reason. I believe that Zenergy in this case came from the day’s recreation and a relaxed mind.

The word recreation is defined as a pastime, diversion, exercise or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment. But the real message comes from the second definition almost hidden in the word itself – the act of creating anew. Re-Creating. Now that adds a very zenergetic dimension to it!

With that in mind I started thinking about today’s society and how work oriented we are. As the cost of living continually rises the first solution is to work longer and harder. What’s more, many of those jobs we are working longer and harder at are unfulfilling. In the grand scheme of things they may even seem meaningless to a lot of us. We stay only because the pay is reasonably good and in most cases it allows us to live a somewhat comfortable life. But then there’s always that persistent feeling that there’s so much more out there.

I know this because I lived it. For far too long I was afraid to leave my job because I thought I would lose everything. This fear based thinking is a remnant of an old paradigm. Fear runs rampant here in the third dimension, also known as our physical world. If you haven’t noticed, that world is slowly unraveling.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying our world is going to end. I’m saying that we have a choice. We always did and we always will. We can choose love instead of fear. Apply that choice to anything big or small and you can feel the profound effects.

I overcame my fear and chose to leave my unfulfilling job even though it wasn’t clear at the time how I would pay my bills. My morning writer’s block and general frustration was transformed into this little rambling about Zenergy – a word I’d never heard before – because I decided to go play for a while. In both cases I chose to do something I love instead of living in fear of what could happen or feeling frustrated about a lack of progress and in both cases I broke through barriers.

This to me was a sign that we are all a part of something much bigger than we can imagine. There’s an entire universe of magical light within and all around us ready to illuminate our path. Each and every one of us is born with it. We are here to remember the magic, discover our gifts and share them with passion.

I think a lot of us are starting to wake up to these truths. We are starting to realize that fear of any kind is a waste of time. Fear and related emotions like jealousy, anger and hate are low vibrations and everywhere you look they are being replaced with the higher vibration of love. More and more people are following their heart and searching for their purpose. They are balancing work and play. Play as in recreation or the act of creating anew. They are re-creating themselves and they intuitively know this is what they have to do.

Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because that is what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

There are big changes happening right now all over the world. Sometimes it may seem chaotic. It would be easy to think we are headed in the wrong direction. But that is a fear based thought. If we choose a different perspective we may see that all great change comes with some level of chaos and that the old ways have to die to make room for the new ways.

If we all tune into our own personal Zenergy we will not only find our way through the change but we will learn to embrace it, become one with it and thrive. We will come alive.

How do you know when you are tuned in? I think it’s a personal experience so it’s different for everyone. Universal signs could come in dreams, song lyrics, in numbers or through other people. No matter what the form, they act much like the signal from a radio station. They are always broadcasting but you won’t hear them until you tune to the right frequency.

Before I knew better I used to call these signs coincidences. Now, I call them synchronicities. You’ll know them by the unmistakable feeling you get when they show up.

My new word for this feeling is Zenergy: The feeling of being connected to your own limitlessness and the endless possibilities of life. An all knowing, peaceful and loving force that instills in you the feeling that you can do anything, go anywhere and be anyone your heart desires.

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