What’s This Book About, Anyway?

Hello Everyone! Since launching the Facebook page, a lot of people have been asking me what my book, Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace, is about. I’ve already written a summary for the back cover and a synopsis for a book proposal – pieces of which you can find on this website – but I wanted to write something a little less formal. Something more like what I would say if someone caught me by surprise with the question. Here is what I came up with:

It’s a true story of friendship, the discovery of a gift and a soul-awakening journey.

For 26 years I’ve been friends with a prophet – strong word, I know! But it’s true. She has an extraordinary gift for communicating with the other side. She uses what she learns to heal ones heart and soul. The universe trusts her with sacred information because she never uses it selfishly, only to help others.

She didn’t always know about this blessed gift, but it was always there.

And I was there when these seemingly magical abilities began to surface. I’ve shared the excitement of new discovery and helped her cope with the strife that sometimes comes with carrying such a bright light.

All the time, we were both learning how truly limitless we are – we all are. And the learning continues.

I wouldn’t trade any of it, for anything, ever.

The story will take you from the Florida Keys to the backwoods of Northern New Jersey all the way to the Grand Tetons.

But stopping there would put limits on it.

At times, it leaves the Earthly realm behind for a glimpse into the higher dimensions of the universe that are within and all around every one of us.

This is a journey that continues to transform my life to this day because, like life, it never ends. It just takes a different form. Our bodies may be temporary, but our souls are eternal.

Here’s to allowing the endless possibilities of life to bring you exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

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