The Warmth and the Glow

On Thanksgiving we gather with family and friends. We show our gratitude for the miracles our lives have been blessed with and we celebrate abundance. Feelings of warmth, comfort, joy and excitement fill our being. Not to mention turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, pasta meatballs and sausage if you’re Italian and a slice of every one of the ten pies grandma baked this year.

I waited until after the holiday was over to write this just so I could say, “Let’s keep it going!” Lets live and feel Thanksgiving everyday! Okay, maybe not the “stuff your face than pass out on the living room floor” part. But we should feel that love, gratitude, warmth and joy everyday. The abundance of life should be celebrated everyday with just as much enthusiasm as the holiday. And this is true for every soul on this planet. The true celebration is this magnificent life we live. We have been blessed with a home planet of breathtaking beauty that provides us with everything we need. And we have each other to keep the journey enlightening, fun and fascinating.

I’m aware this is not a groundbreaking thought. There are countless famous quotes out there that convey the same sentiment and many of us – most likely you if you are reading this – know it in your heart. Still the world knows war, terror, hunger and homelessness. There is no good reason for it.

My mom used to watch the news religiously. Everyday she would be shocked by another report of murder, theft or war somewhere in the world. She would always say the same thing, “Don’t these people know there is enough in this world for everybody?”

I don’t think she knew the profound statement she was making. All the resources we expend on attacking, defending and conquering could easily feed, cloth and house the entire world.

That is the difference between ego and spirit. The ego has to shout to make its point heard. It has to be right. It will do whatever it needs to prove it. Spirit knows truth. It knows there’s no need to prove anything and therefore no need to shout. It just is. Always has been, always will be. No matter how loud ego gets.

Spirit knows that violent conflict, no matter what seemingly righteous reason is given is, at its core, driven by profit and greed. It knows the first casualty in war is always the truth.

If you continue to watch the news today as my mom did all those years it would seem that spirit has taken a back seat in our modern world. Everything looks to be twisted around backwards. So much so that it overwhelms the enlightened soul. Because they can see how we let other people tell us what’s important to know and even how to react to it. Their delivery sounds so official that we assume it must be legitimate. And we let them spread their version of the truth. While we were doing that we lost sight of the limitless miracle that we are.

But we are awakening. We are remembering. We are spirit eternal. Deep inside we know the truth. And we’re starting to see through the grand façade that’s been in place for so long. That level of a wake up call can be a little shocking. So shocking to some that they refuse to accept it. They don’t want to admit they’ve been duped for so long. They develop a sort of cognitive dissonance. They keep themselves in the dark instead of addressing the conflicting ideas inside. That’s okay. They will see in time.

When a few brilliant fires are burning in the darkness they can be seen for miles around. Others are attracted to them. They start to gather around them. They soak in the warmth and the glow until they themselves are warm and glowing.

In the early 80s during the Israeli – Lebanese conflict, the International Peace Project did an experiment using Transcendental Meditation. On specific days at specific times they positioned trained practitioners in war torn areas. These people meditated on the feeling of peace. During their meditation, while they were in a peaceful state, terrorist attacks decreased. Criminal activity, traffic accidents and emergency room visits all went down. When they stopped, the numbers reversed. The experiment proved that when a small percentage of the population achieves peace within themselves peace is reflected in the world around them. In fact the study was so detailed that they were able to identify that it takes less than 1% of the population to have a noticeable affect on the rest.

That is how powerful we are! Truly something to be thankful for.

Deepak Chopra said, “Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.”

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy and abundant Thanksgiving! May we forever carry the holiday feelings of peace, love and gratitude with us and share them with everyone we meet.


Oh, and one more thing:

I first became aware of The International Peace project experiment through a Gregg Braden seminar I attended in 2012. Today as I was writing this, I came across this article on Transcendental Meditation:

Very interesting! I love synchronicities and I look forward to learning TM.

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