The Hand That Moves the Pieces

It appears we humans are headed in the wrong direction. I think that’s the one thing we can all agree on. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing we agree on. Why are we so at odds? Why are we so quick to judge? Why are we so confidant that we are right and the other guy is wrong? We act like we know everything but how can we possibly know anything for sure when we’re adrift in a sea of disinformation and distraction?

Unplug from the daily news cycle, take a step back and you’ll notice something. The largest news organizations in the world follow scripts that convey a version of the truth. Some tell the left truth and some tell the right truth but none of them tell the whole truth. And in my book anything that’s not the whole truth is just a lie, plain and simple.

We form opinions and make decisions based on their sketchy information. It’s purposely presented in a way that divides us. It says you are either with us or against us. You are black or white, liberal or conservative, friend or enemy. This not only divides us but it pits us against each other at a time when, more than ever, we need to stick together. You would think we were pieces in a masterfully played game of chess. Somebody must think so. But we are not.

We are sovereign beings of light more powerful than we can imagine. When we think the right thoughts we can change the world. But the constant barrage of distractions and lies keeps us thinking small. Changing the world means leaving the familiar and comfortable behind. Picture the familiar and comfortable as the chessboard we’ve been played on. You are not the Pawn. You are not the Knight. You are not the King or the Queen. You are the hand that moves the pieces.

We don’t need government. Over the course of time, even a government created by the people, for the people gets corrupted. It grows too big and too powerful until no one can do anything without its approval. And approval usually costs money.

Did you know every dollar of income tax collected goes to pay the interest on the money the government borrows from the Federal Reserve? Only the interest. And the borrowing never stops. The loan will never be repaid and we are the ones repaying it.

Most of that money finances the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower warned us about that in 1961 saying, “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist…” You can see that speech here –

We don’t need religion, either. The Catholic Church alone has enough wealth to end hunger on the planet. So why does hunger still exist? They could invest millions in green energy but instead they invest in oil companies. Here’s a little glimpse into their finances.

The teachings of the church were edited long ago in an effort to retain power and control over the people. The church teaches that God is within you. But they also teach that God is watching and judging and if you do something wrong you’ll go to hell. In this fear, lies control. But the façade is cracking. You can’t hide the truth forever. Here are some interesting thoughts from a retired priest.

I believe that God is energy, the source and creator of all things. Another name for this energy is love. It’s everywhere in everything, including you. You have all the answers and all the power you need. Just look inside and feel it.

Church and state are man-made institutions designed to control other men and women. And we’ve let them. We’ve given them our power. But remember, when we talk about them we’re talking about other men and women, creators just like you and I. Only in this case, they are driven by greed. And that’s something I don’t understand. I’m all for prosperity. We are here to enjoy this beautiful life, to help and learn from each other along the way. But this is an abundant world. There is enough of everything for everybody. Why do some souls feel the need to have it all, to control everything to such an extent that they will lie, steal and even kill to get it?

Some would say the answer to that question is free will. Everyone has a choice. So what do we choose? Do we like being divided? Do we like being pit against each other? Do we know where that division is headed if we let it play out? We can all feel the answers in our hearts. We know the truth.

This is not a time to stay comfortable and trust that the authorities will take care of it. There’s no one coming to save us. The good news is we don’t have to wait for anyone else. We are all the authority we need. There are great things happening all over the world like The Ocean Clean Up Project or Elon Musk’s proposal of a solar powered Puerto Rico. These stories and so many more always seem to get buried by tragedy or irrelevant celebrity gossip.

Let’s not get sucked in by distractions and disinformation. There is no left, no right, no borders and no religion. There is a creator and we were made in the creator’s image. That means we are creators too. We are not only the hand that moves the pieces, we are the consciousness that guides the hand and we are waking up.

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