The Christmas Spirit

Christmas shows up on the same day every year. So why does it always seem to take us by surprise?

Sharon asked herself that question as she rushed around after work doing some last minute errands. She couldn’t wait to get home, relax with her puppy and bask in the peaceful light of the Christmas tree.

She stood at the crosswalk waiting. Car after car sped by paying no mind to the big yellow “Yield to Pedestrians” sign.

She thought about her day filled with customers and holiday orders. She wondered why the Christmas spirit had some people shining their brightest and others in complete turmoil.  turn away a soul in need. They were guided to her for a reason. She knew it. She wished they knew it too.

It was quite the angelic conundrum. She could hear their soul asking for help, wanting to learn and grow. The soul comes to her for assistance in waking up its human shell. But when she opens up her heart to offer love and light, to give the guidance the soul requested, their ego shuts her down, usually in the form of sarcasm, rude comments or thinly veiled insults. To know they were completely disconnected from themselves and their soul’s quest to evolve was disheartening.

But she would never stop trying to assist. It was in her blueprint. She lost a lot of sleep searching for a solution. How could she do her job when no one would listen? How could she be happy with all the negativity directed her way? So far, nothing presented itself.

The squeal of worn out brakes interrupted her inner dialogue. An old Ford pick up slowed to a stop and the driver waved her across. When she waved back she noticed he looked a lot like Santa Claus. Despite the frigid cold, his window was down and she could see the smile behind his long white beard. His eyes sparkled the brightest blue she had ever seen. She smiled back, waved another thank you and walked across.

She finished her banking and hurried out the door to the next task. To her surprise Santa was standing right outside. Realizing who it was, she stopped and said, “Hey, thanks again. If it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be waiting across the street.”

The big man laughed and said, “They didn’t mean it, you know.”

Sharon was puzzled.

“Who didn’t mean what?”

“You took some good hits today but they didn’t mean it.”

He looked her right in the eyes and continued.

“Things are coming to the surface, old issues, old programming, old ways of being, it’s all coming up for us to release and move on. The people you tried to help today, they were projecting their issues on you. It’s a defense mechanism. They’re not ready to look inside and start moving things around yet. You shouldn’t take it personally.”

Now Sharon was thinking this might actually be Santa Claus.

She said, “I try not to take it personally but it’s not easy when it happens over and over again.”

“It will help if you remember that everything we experience out here in the world is a reflection of what’s inside, like a mirror. That should make you happy. Take a look around.”
Santa turned as if to show her the town. It was twilight and strings of Christmas lights twinkled on every little storefront up and down Main Street. Evergreen wreathes with big red bows adorned the street lamps. In the churchyard, a giant Blue Spruce was glowing with hundreds of multi colored lights. The scene had come alive with people window-shopping and couples going to dinner. Sharon could feel the joy in their hearts.

“Everyone looks so happy.” She said, ”Why can’t it be like this all the time?”

She laughed but she was only half joking. She was looking for an answer.

“It’s all a reflection of you. Right now you feel the joy, so you see the joy. Next time someone comes to you and they seem a little off. Remember the lights. Remember the smiles. Most importantly, remember how they make you feel. Then, break the pattern. The moment you change, the world around you will follow.”

Sharon pondered his words. He spoke like a bearded Buddha.

“That seems pretty easy when we’re standing here a few days before Christmas with the town looking all holly jolly.”

“You’re right,” He said, “It’s easy to believe in magic at Christmas time. The trick is in knowing its there all year long. You have to know it in your heart.”

“That seems too simple.”

“Well, most things are simple. We make them complicated. If the brain weren’t thinking it would have nothing to do. All that busy work trips us up. We get in our own way all the time.”

It was getting late and Sharon still had a lot to do. Her dog and her Christmas tree were calling. She took her new friends hand in hers and bid him a good night.

“Thank you. You really helped make sense of something I’ve been struggling with for a long time.”

Santa put his arm on her shoulder.

“Sometimes even an angel needs an angel.”

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