Courageous Wisdom

The True Story of a Way Shower

Sharon doesn’t know it yet but she’s an angel. She agreed to her mission before she was born. Now it’s time to remember. COURAGEOUS WISDOM is the fantastical, often surreal and completely true story of a seemingly ordinary woman who emerges from a family crisis with a host of psychic healing abilities so desperately needed in the world today.

Growing up in New Jersey, Sharon’s friends and family always trusted her positive energy and sage advice. She called it common sense and no one ever questioned where it came from.Then her brother’s attempted suicide triggered the first of many prophetic visions, a warning from a disembodied voice in the woods, and visits from light beings promising their guidance. These experiences spark a quest that will take her from the rat race of corporate America to the rugged beauty of the Tetons and, eventually, the angelic realms.

But navigating between a world of ancient truth and the illusion we call life exacts a heavy toll. As her gift blossoms, Sharon can’t stop feeling the growing anguish of a misguided society and is subjected to the ridicule of supposed friends and a husband who no longer understands her.

Along the way Sharon is supported by two dear comrades– her best friend,Jack, and her spirit guide, a Native American Chief named Toumakin. By night she and Toumakin work in the etheric realms healing souls and transmuting darkness; by day, Jack helps her to understand the esoteric concepts underlying her incredible, often traumatic experiences.

Together they uncover her mission to help us remember a long-buried truth: we are sovereign beings of light capable of creating heaven on earth, if we can only love ourselves long enough to see it.