Soul Resolution

Congratulations, you made it through 2017! Now what?

It was a bumpy and unpredictable year for many. A lot of people woke up to a world transformed. And they weren’t happy about it. Everything we thought we knew was tossed out the window along with the old rulebook. The good news is someone threw out that moth-eaten, outdated rulebook.

Awareness is such a gift. To know you are an eternal being whose every thought creates reality is a blessing. To see through the illusion of life and know the truth when you feel it is astounding. Don’t take it for granted. Listen to those feelings, follow them and nurture them because living in a world where awareness is not commonplace, where it is mostly fodder for the canons of naysayers and non-believers can really drag you down. Don’t let it.

Even the most Zen among us have their moments of doubt, moments when we ask ourselves if this journey of enlightenment is worth it. In those moments it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to disconnect. They would rather be numb than deal with the onslaught of shit life throws at them. So they pop pills or drink booze, effectively cutting off all communication with their higher selves.

Some of the more sensitive souls take it a step further. They’re not able to endure the uncertainty of a world in flux. They feel endlessly sucker-punched. They know in their hearts that life doesn’t have to be so difficult. The universe provides infinite love but they can’t find it here on earth. So they decide to leave forever, hoping to end their search in what lies beyond.

Meanwhile the masses go on playing the game that’s always been, pretending the “authorities” will do what’s best for the people, that republicans and democrats represent two different views or that the TV news always tells the truth.

The truth is our society is upside down. Food is poison. Money is worthless. Medicine makes us sicker and schools dumb us down. Multi-national corporations shell out fortunes to keep us from learning anything that will reduce their profits and we fight a never-ending war on terror with no one ever mentioning that war is terror.

2017 seemed so full of hate, fear and indifference that any compassionate being would be right to wonder if love exists. Everything seems set up to destroy love, to make it as difficult as possible for true and unconditional love to be felt in anything more than a fleeting moment.

But consider the possibility that all that corruption is flaunted in our faces for a reason. Maybe the universe chose to wake us up by showing us what we don’t want, because for some reason, chaos and hardship is the only thing that motivates humans to change. You’ll be happy to know that way of thinking is part of the old rulebook. Luckily, we no longer need anyone telling us the rules. We already know the way to the new world is through the love in our hearts, the same love that appears to be missing out there. It’s not missing. It will exist forever. All we have to do is reconnect with it.
Meditation is a great place to start. Answers dwell in the silence, actionable answers that would never be heard over the din of our busy days. They’re even using it in schools to replace detention with mindfulness programs like this one:

Try replacing your daily news fix with daily meditation. Before you know it your outlook will change for the better. You’ll begin to see that you create your reality. When you go inside your focus will shift and you’ll realize there’s more good going on outside than you thought. I promise, you won’t miss anything by skipping out on the propaganda machine.

I invite everyone to share this soul resolution for the New Year.

May we tune out the ceaseless negative chatter that attacks from every direction and listen to the stillness in our hearts. In the quiet we’ll hear the answers. We’ll know there is nothing to fear and no one to hate, ever.

May we spend more time in nature. Go hiking, go swimming or plant a garden. Touch your bare feet to the earth. Nature is the ultimate healer.

If we take some time every day to be still and turn off the incessant thought machine in our heads, new ideas will show up. We’ll see all the chaos in the world for what it is – the sound of change. It’s thousands of years of systems and beliefs coming to an end because we are evolving. The programming no longer serves us.

Unplugging from those old systems and beliefs is only the first step but its essential. As we head in to 2018 we should ask ourselves what do we choose to replace them? And then create it.

Here’s to peace, prosperity, love and happiness for everyone!

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