Sharon was hovering in the middle of a lush, green field that stretched out endlessly to the foot of a horseshoe shaped mountain range. An enormous waterfall cascaded over the side and into the middle of the U shaped valley. It emptied into a crystal clear river that flowed through the field right next to her. The creatures of the wilderness were everywhere and uninhibited by her presence. The river gurgled. The birds chirped and the wind whispered. The songs of the natural world surrounded her. The fiery crimson tips of her long blonde hair stood out against the thick white cloak she was wearing. Underneath her cloak was her sword. A reminder she was there on business.

She hovered quiet and still for a few more moments filling herself with peace. Then, instinctively she knew it was time to move on. After all she was here to work. She turned and looked at a grove of trees settled in the middle of the field miles away from her. She arrived there instantly. The trees were impossibly tall. Each one consisted of multiple trunks leading to a crown of rich, full foliage. In the shade under the trees there was a thick round wooden table. There were other beings floating around the table. This was the meeting place. To her right was a man, a Native American Chief wearing a full headdress and tanned deer skins crafted skillfully into leggings and jacket. He too wore a sword around his waist. To her left was a woman. She was attractive and looked to be in her early forties. Across the table from her there were two figures. They wore hooded cloaks that obscured their faces. The only features visible inside their hoods were glowing yellow eyes.

Sharon started the meeting by saying, “We brought you here to request that you leave this woman’s field immediately and do not return.”

One of the figures asked in a hissing voice, “And why would we do that?”

“Because she has chosen love over fear. She has no use for you any longer.”

“But we were having such fun together.” They were taunting Sharon and the woman next to her.

“Do not make the mistake of thinking we are giving you a choice. You are going to leave.” She gestured to the sword at her side, “The only choice you have is what happens to you afterwards.”

Both figures recoiled at the site of the sword.

“You can turn to the light or you can be destroyed.”

They backed away from the table, turned, and reluctantly moved towards the field that surrounded the sheltered meeting place. Cautiously, Sharon and the Chief watched them. They were at the edge of the shade when they turned around. They were having second thoughts about giving up that easily. The Chief sensed their bad intentions. As quickly as they turned, he took a step toward them, unsheathed his sword and held it in a battle ready position. They quickly changed their minds and moved toward the field. As soon as the sunlight hit them they disappeared into nothingness.

Sharon turned to the woman on her left and said, “I would have preferred that they join us in the light, but at least we know they are gone for now. We were lucky. They left without a fight. It doesn’t always go that smoothly. However, you should be warned when they leave that easily it’s possible for them to return just as easily. You need to be committed to your choice.”

Sharon explained to the woman how demons thrive on people making bad choices. The woman was an alcoholic. Her habit was causing her to drive drunk, neglect her family and ruin her health. Her physical being had had enough and made the choice to live before it was too late. That being’s higher self asked Sharon for this meeting to rid her of her demons.

The woman broke down in tears of joy. She thanked Sharon from the depths of her heart for saving her life. Her children would have a mom again. Her husband would get his wife back, and she would start adding years back to her life. She felt elation as she returned to the three dimensional world.

The meeting came to a close as everything around Sharon started to disappear. The trees, the table, the mountains, and even the field vanished. They were replaced by the vastness of the entire universe. She was flying among the stars. She navigated to the familiar Milky Way galaxy. Out near the end of one arm of that galaxy was a particular star that she knew as the Sun. That star gave life to her home. She zipped passed the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. A few moments later the earth came into view. There in front of her was a real paradise teaming with life forms great and small. The Earth looked like a blue, green and white swirling marble of energy. She is a living being unto herself.

Sharon was being called to a particular location on her home planet. She found herself over the Middle East. What she saw was both horrifying and uplifting at the same time. It was horrifying because the Earth was wounded. It was bleeding and she could hear her cries for help. The wars, the terrorism, the lost loved ones, the hate and the revenge had developed into a cancer that was slowly killing this beautiful being called Gaia. It was uplifting because, as she looked around, she saw she was not alone in witnessing this epic disaster. All around her there were millions of Angels surrounding the planet. They were all praying. They were praying for Gaia to recover. They were praying for people to wake up. They were praying for them to stop this nonsense before it’s too late. She joined them in the vigil.

As the Angels prayed, they could see and feel the waves of energy that make up the universe. The entire galaxy moves through different energy bands and as it does the energy washes over the planets and every living being on them. It effects moods and thought processes. It can wreak havoc in the lives of the ones who are not aware of it or who don’t believe there is such a thing. It can drive them mad.

Like vultures, demons are always ready to pounce on vulnerable prey. The incoming waves of energy have left the unaware very vulnerable.

Sharon’s sensors went up. It felt a little like goose bumps but much more intense. She looked around at all the other Angels and knew they felt it too. They had become the guardians. Their swords were at the ready. Their shields held protectively at their chests and their wings spread intimidatingly. A dark cloud was approaching. The ghouls were back and this group would not be turned away by threats. They wanted only to get through the Angels, reach the Earth, and add to the disharmony. As they came into focus, Sharon braced for battle. She saw their blood red eyes and razor sharp claws. At that moment instinct took over and the guardians engaged. Swords clashed and shields were ripped away. Claws scraped through flesh. Sharon felt her sword pierce the tough demon skin with every skillful swing and jab. She felt the sting of a three-fingered claw running down her back. She turned quickly and sliced her attacker in half. The monsters’ numbers were dwindling. Those that remained fled. Sharon and all the guardians rejoiced in a well won victory.

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