Message for a Prophet

Have you ever questioned your own senses? There you are at home. You know you’re alone. The house is quiet and then out of nowhere you hear a voice. You can’t quite make out what was said but you swear you heard something.

Or you catch a movement out of the corner of your eye, a sparkle or a flash of light. And when you look in that direction you see nothing. You tell yourself you’re tired, your eyes are playing tricks on you or it was just the wind blowing through the trees. And maybe that’s all it was.

But what if you weren’t hearing things? What if that fleeting glimpse was meant to grab your attention? The universe could be sending you a message in one of its favorite forms – a subtle hint. Maybe you’ve been pondering an important decision lately. That voice you thought you heard could be a friendly nudge toward the answer. The universe loves to work in subtleties.

There was nothing subtle, however, about the message my friend Sharon received this evening. I guess there are times when even the universe has to get right to the point.

Sharon’s gift can be described in many ways but some things are beyond words and the “thinking” mind. They operate at the heart and soul level and are better felt then understood logically.

Stated as simply as possible, Sharon can read people’s energy. She can communicate with their guides and Angels. She passes on what she learns to help heal them and get them back on the path to their truth. She could be called an energy worker but even her energy workers will tell you she is much more than that. They are sometimes at a loss for words when working with her.

She has a very bright energetic light and it illuminates the good and the bad equally. The good is attracted to it because it recognizes a kindred spirit. The bad is attracted to it because it doesn’t like such a bright light exposing it, especially to itself. Many times the latter results in attacks that could easily be perceived as personal. Lately, the seemingly constant attacks are leading her to question whether she can handle being the keeper of such a powerful light.

This morning, Sharon was on the phone with a client guiding her through a very rough time of her own. Situation after situation had led this woman to conclude that life was just too hard. If the “other side” was really as peaceful and beautiful as everything she’s read about then why delay going there any longer. Ironically, there were times when Sharon felt the same way.

It’s alarming how many people would rather leave the planet then deal with the constant barrage of fear and negativity tossed at us every day. And even when someone awakens and realizes that all that fear and negativity is just an illusion, they may still find themselves in a very sad place. Leaving it all behind can be a very lonely road at first. And once you realize there’s no turning back you start to question everything. That was the reason for this woman’s “911” call to Sharon.

She said, “Ever since I’ve had this spiritual awakening I’ve felt so alone and misunderstood. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere with anyone. Not even friends that I’ve known my whole life. It just seems like an endless road.”

Sharon took a second to gather the messages coming in and said, “First of all, they want you to know you are not alone. They recognize the courage it took for you to take that endless road even though you have no idea where it leads. I can hear them saying, ‘Don’t stop now. We have your back.’”

The woman asked, “Who are they?”

“They’re your Angels. I’m not getting any names right now but I can see them all around you. They live through the love in your heart and they are asking you to leave the fear behind.”

When Sharon is tuned in, the message she delivers comes through her from another dimension. The words are wrapped in the divine energy of love and light. They produce calm and begin a healing process. They bring the receiver utter peace as they connect with the heart.

She continued, “You are here for a reason. You have something to share with this world that will make it a better place. Everyone does. Release the old and make room for the new. New friends will come to you and new adventures are waiting. I promise, you don’t want to miss out on it.”
With triage out of the way they talked for a while about different communities she could reach out to and Sharon suggested she do some volunteering.

Her voice full of gratitude, the woman said, “ I always feel instantly better after we talk. You know exactly the right thing to say. Your like a prophet.”

The word hung in the air like the last ring of a church bell and a chill ran up Sharon’s spine.

She said, “Excuse me? Would you mind repeating that?”
The reply came back, “ You’re always so nice.”

“No. Not that. What else did you say?”

“I said you always know exactly what to say. Your always so nice to everyone.”

Sharon knew that wasn’t what she heard. She gave up trying to get her to repeat it but the word, and more importantly the chill, stuck with her.

Wrapping up their conversation they discovered they had a mutual love of animals and Sharon told her if she wanted to volunteer maybe a shelter would be a good fit. She gave her the number of the one she had been working with to find a dog of her own.

The woman said, “Thanks for all your time today. It’s so funny how I met you at a time in my life when I really needed a friend with a fresh perspective. I’m very grateful it was you. You are an amazing prophet.”

There it was again. And try as she might Sharon could not get her to repeat that word. It was like she never said it. But Sharon knew for damn sure she heard it.

As she hung up the phone searching for the meaning behind this message, she heard a voice behind her as clear as day say, “You’re just not getting it are you, kid?”

She turned to see her father. He was leaning on the kitchen island and looked just like she remembered him when she was a little girl.

“If they find out I’m here I’ll be in big trouble. We have to make this quick so listen to me carefully. You and I, your Grandma, your brother and his son all have this gift. I couldn’t handle it. Your brother can’t handle it. Sometimes it’s not so easy to have such a sensitive heart. I know you’ve been struggling lately. It may seem like there are endless obstacles in your path. But they were put there for a reason. Everyone, including yourself, needed to know you would be up for the coming tasks. After all, you signed up for them before you started this journey. You passed all the tests. So far you are the only one that’s been able to hold the balance between the physical world and the other side. Now you have to find a way to stop the negativity of this world from throwing you for a loop.”

She looked at him incredulously. Still trying to grasp that he was standing there talking to her but at the same time hanging on every word.

She said, “I’m trying but it’s so hard here. Why does it have to be so difficult?”

“You’re making it so much harder than it has to be. You help others look in their hearts for answers. Now you have to do the same.”

Sharon said, “I just cant get passed how disconnected some people are. Its like they check in and out of reality. And others can be so mean for no reason. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting attacked on a daily basis.”

Her father smiled and said, “You have to let go of all expectations. People won’t always do the right thing. Accept them for who they are and shine your light. The ones who are meant to see it will see it. Set the example. Just like you did with that woman on the phone. It shows true strength to be able to help someone when you yourself are down.”

Then, in a motion that told Sharon he was getting ready to leave, he stood up straight, took a deep breath and said, “I’m asking you please don’t give up. We’re all pulling for you. I have to go for now. I’ve already been gone too long and I’m sure I’ll hear about it as soon as I get back.”

He paused and added, “As usual.”

Still smiling, he walked out of the room and down the hall. She heard the door to the garage close and he was gone.

Sharon’s father crossed through the veil to drive home an important message that the sometimes-too-subtle universe had been trying to send. They were trying to tell her pay attention to the positive aspects of her gift.

The word prophet literally means, “speaking before”. She has the ability to see potential events unfold in people’s lives before they happen. She uses the information to guide them without taking away the experience they were meant to have. I’ve witnessed some of these exchanges first hand and I have to say, when she makes a connection with someone the look of amazement and elation in their eyes is awe-inspiring.

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. Shining a light on the “dark” side can bring unpredictable results. Souls that are struggling internally lash out when exposed. These are the circumstances Sharon has to come to terms with and they are what her father was referring to when he said to “let go of expectations.” But because she can see both worlds, she gets stuck between knowing you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink and seeing how easy it would be for them to change their lives and end their internal struggle if they just took the drink!

Next time you hear a misplaced word, a ringing in your ears or see a sparkle of light in an empty room be still for a moment and pay attention to your surroundings. Follow your thoughts down that road even if it seems endless. There may be a message waiting for you. The only things truly endless are the possibilities.

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  1. Angelycsoul July 29, 2015 at 8:44 pm #

    You never cease to amaze me. I am hoping that you don’t cease yourself when it comes to dreaming. Your artistic talent will bring them all to life. Write On My Dear Souled Friend~

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