Light Will Always Prevail

“I have asked to be removed from this earth.” She declared, “That’s how out of hope I am.”

My response to this statement was stuck somewhere between shock and disbelief having come from the last person on earth I thought would ever utter those words. Silence was all I could immediately muster.

The voice on the other end of the line was Sharon, my best friend of over 25 years. She has never been one to throw in the towel no matter what the challenge. Which is the exact reason I was so surprised to hear such hopelessness coming from her. It sounded so sincere it crushed me. As long as I can remember she has been a lighthouse for everyone around her, myself included. Without hesitation she’ll put all her personal struggles aside, no matter how urgent they are, to share a kind word or guide someone through a difficult time.

My first thought was, “If she is out of hope then we are all in trouble.”

Immediately followed by, “How can someone with so much light to share feel like leaving the earth is the only option she has left?”

Being the bearer of such a brilliant light appears to be both a blessing and a curse. The world needs more souls like her. But the same world seems intent on sending those souls packing to the dimension from which they came.

Breaking my silence I asked her to consider instead all the reasons she should stay:

The little ones in her life who carry the same light as she and need her guidance now to embrace it in the future; this miracle of a planet we live on and mother nature in all her glory; skiing, hiking, family, friends and most of all being alive during this unprecedented time in history. Being a witness and a participant in a great shifting of the ages on this glorious Planet Earth. To me, that was the most important point to get across to her.

Whether we know it or not we all came here at this very special time to help Mother Earth and each other ascend to the next level. Our day to leave behind the concrete jungle of the 3rd dimension has dawned. It’s time for us to rise into the canopy of the 5th dimension and shine like crazy diamonds in the sky. Sharon’s role in this ascension is a special one.

We all develop a sort of amnesia when we are born into this life. We chose our goals and what we wanted to learn before we incarnated into the physical. Part of the agreement was that as soon as we did, we would forget everything. Figuring it out for our selves is how our souls evolve and ascend with every lifetime.

When Sharon agreed to her role she knew it would not be an easy one. This time she would be blazing the trail. She is here to show us the power of the love inside us all. The same brilliant light she carries lives in every one of us and it’s time for us to remember.

She may know why she is here this time around but I think up until now she had no idea just how tough the task would be.

Our conversation continued…

“I don’t know if I can do this job anymore. Every time I turn around I get sucker punched.”

Tears welled up but she continued to talk through them.

”Who can live like this? I feel everyone’s pain on such a profound level. They’re crying out for help. It’s like they want to make a move but they don’t know what to do. I can see the demons holding them back. I mean, I can really see them. It’s terrifying. I can barely go out in public anymore.”

I spend a lot of time with Sharon and I’ve witnessed countless exchanges. There’s no doubt people are drawn to her. And many of them approach her in a zombie like state showing little sign of life. It’s frightening to see a person so disconnected from their true self.

But when I think about what Sharon sees – and feels for that matter – it puts things into a different perspective. To have people drawn to you and constantly seeking your assistance is one thing. To see and feel what they are carrying around with them in their energetic field is quite another.

Some are glowing with light and love and just a little misdirected or unsure of their next steps. They are awakening and beginning to seek their truth. Whether they know it or not they listen to their higher selves and take steps to change their lives for the better. They believe in their heart there is more to our world than meets the eye. Vibrant colors and sparkling lights burst all around them.

Others have wandered off their chosen path. Their higher selves know it and will never stop trying to right the ship. And so, in the form of intuition, it guides them to someone like Sharon. This is where things can get dicey because it’s likely they don’t believe in “psychics”, higher selves or anything spiritual in general. But more so because they have no idea they are off course or that there even was a course to begin with.

Their fields are littered with dark entities that keep them from the truth. These entities are always on the attack. This doesn’t always mean the person is evil. They are just lost and usually not aware of their ghoulish hitchhikers. Nevertheless, when those entities see a bright light like Sharon’s, they see the enemy. There first reaction is to snuff out that light because it exposes the things they cannot face – usually themselves.

The frequent encounters with these demons are what brought my best friend to the brink. The emotional stress they cause is constant and unbearable and would throw any compassionate heart into despair.

But there is a secret that the darkness seems to be unaware of. It is best described by a metaphor I heard in a lecture by Dr. Len Horowitz.

He said, “ If you walk into a pitch black room full of darkness, full of evil, and light a little candle, instantly that darkness will flee. But you can’t do the opposite. You can’t walk into a well lit room full of truth and wisdom, joy and health with any amount of darkness and have any effect whatsoever.”

I take comfort in the truth behind those words. To me they mean that in the end the light will always prevail. And with that in my heart I told Sharon that she is one of those little candles burning brightly for all eternity. No amount of darkness could ever snuff her out because the same brilliant light burns in all of us.

I felt the weight lift as those words sank in. I know they helped for now. I also know the proverbial battle isn’t over. We must all see it through to its conclusion whether in this life or the next.

Sharon said, “I have to be brutally honest with you. I really don’t feel like I want to live right now. But I know I want to live for the future. It looks bright beyond our wildest dreams.”

Whew! That was a close one.

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