Lessons in Life or Death

We think it’s a matter of life or death, but its just life. We live it every day. The learning and growing never stop and sometimes the lessons can be harsh. They come at us relentlessly one after the other. We become engulfed in the circumstances, so busy taking things personally that we seldom learn the intended lesson.

Sometimes we feel so lost we may wish we were dead, like death is the only way to escape the madness of life. But deep down we don’t want to escape. Despite the mess we’ve made here, there’s love in this world, there’s fun here, there’s adventure here. And there’s a little voice inside of us that keeps whispering the words, “You are here for a reason.”

If we pay attention to that little voice, we reach a point in our learning and growing when we realize we are eternal, walking bundles of energy. And energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form. When we leave this life we may not remember the people, places and experiences that made it ours, but the soul never forgets. It takes what we’ve learned and evolves into an older, wiser soul better equipped for the next adventure.

Knowing this we are blessed with a new outlook, a feeling that we’ve been here before. We’ve done this already and we know what’s next. Maybe we should call that a new “inlook” because that kind of knowing comes from within.

Our new inlook points us towards our personal reason for being here. It may inspire us to make a slight course correction or start over from scratch. It all depends on how long we’ve been ignoring our little voice. But once we hear it and start feeling around inside and making adjustments, things begin to click. The hidden magic of life is revealed. We can’t even remember what lost feels like. Synchronicity follows us around, winking, flirting and giving us goose bumps. The universe cheers us on and it feels good, like we’re onto something.

So we continue moving forward, sometimes only on hunches and faith. And as we follow the cosmic breadcrumb trail, the learning and growing become more intense. Higher levels of consciousness greet us with greater challenges because consciousness is infinite, forever expanding just like the universe. Then one day we realize we are consciousness. We are the universe. We’re the ones who dropped the breadcrumbs on the trail that’s leading us back home. Now, the possibilities in this life are endless.

But they are not always pretty. Earthquakes, hurricanes and crimes against humanity are all possibilities that seem to manifest on a regular basis. Some would say they are signs of the end times. The world is not ending. It’s just going through some serious growing pains. But we’ve been here before, we’ve done this already and we decide what’s next.

In the confusion and chaos of the shifting energy, some of us are making some pretty dark choices. Those choices are causing pain, suffering and even death. In the case of death, especially sudden or unexpected death, those choices can leave behind severe emotional trauma, a state of mind that makes it difficult to think clearly and make choices of our own. But that’s exactly what we have to do. That’s how the soul grows older and wiser.

How we deal with the trauma is our choice. And what we choose determines the future of our world. If we choose hate, revenge and retaliation we will stay stuck in the same old fear based energy and continue to get more of the same old fear based reality. If we choose to honor the souls that have crossed over, respect their journey and know they have moved on to serve a higher purpose, we can break the cycle of fear.

It’s one of those harsh lessons. But the harsh lessons are the ones that teach us what we most need to learn. They propel us to the next level. We humans are long overdue for the next level. We’ve been doing this fear thing for too long. It’s time we tried love. And given that everything we experience outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside, loving your Self seems like the only place to start.

Maybe the first step to loving your Self is forgiveness. Forgive yourself first. Then forgive others. Bless them and hope that they find their way. If this seems difficult, try to remember what it felt like when you were lost. Did you make some poor choices trying to find your way? I know I did. And I’ll always remember the people who took the time to forgive my mistakes and show me what I was doing wrong.

The turmoil and tragedy we see in the world is the universe holding a mirror in front of our faces and screaming “Wake up! The answers are right in front of you.” We make the mistake of turning away from the mirror, looking out into the world and asking “Where? I don’t see any answers out there.” But if we fix our gaze into the mirror, look through our eyes and into our souls we’ll find them.

And when we do, we’ll get that familiar feeling of “This is so obvious. How did I not see this before?” We get that feeling because we’ve always had the answers. We’re just looking in the wrong direction.

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