He walked barefoot into the middle of the grassy field stretched between the back of his home and the tree line. The smell of freshly mowed lawn filled the evening air and brought with it a parade of summer memories. He smiled and watched them go by. It’s early September, Labor Day has past and almost as if on cue, the weather has cooled. It was refreshing.

He cleared his mind with a few deep breaths and focused his intention on grounding to the powerful energy of the Earth. With his eyes shut he imagined a beam of healing white energy coming up from the center of the Earth through his right foot, connecting through his chakras all the way to the crown and back down into the Earth through his left foot. As the energy began to flow he felt it connect with the vastness of the universe. The light expanded its reach far into the heavens above his head and all the way to the center of the Earth. It began to form an infinity loop that crossed at the center of his body just below the belly button – an energetic vortex flowing in a figure eight.

With his head tilted up he opened his eyes. A dark blue sky was fading in the twilight. Against it, the black silhouette of two trees stood directly in front of him. Just beyond them the first star of the evening popped into view. He stared into the shadowy shape of the trees and focused on nothing but the present moment letting his mind go quiet. As it did he began to notice the contrast between the trees and the sky, the edges between the light and the dark became crisp and clear and the trees slowly morphed into what appeared to be a window to another world. Through it he could see billions of stars. His consciousness traveled deep into the window. He could feel life emanating from it. Yet the physical trees were still standing right there in front of him.

Was this what Sara meant by her bridge comment?

Sara was his energy worker. The last time they met she spoke of how we are the bridge between two worlds – the etheric and the physical. We are here to bring the etheric realm to Earth. There are many other beings watching us in amazement. They don’t experience the physical world the way we do. They can’t believe so many of us fail to remember who we truly are and just how powerful our thoughts can be – powerful enough to create worlds. At the same time the beings are cheering us on because many of us are starting to remember. They are on the edge of their seat waiting for the tipping point. What an epic story! How much more beautiful this world will be when we reach that point.

The window in the trees slowly faded and the physical world came back into focus. The familiar late summer chorus of crickets chirping loudly replaced the silence that surrounded him. He thought about how much he loved everything about this time of year.

So far this September has been particularly magical and buzzing with energy. For the last few nights he sat out under the stars just enjoying the celestial show. And every night he saw something, shall we say, out of the ordinary – stars that appeared to flash at a higher magnitude than any other star in the sky and then just disappear. The first night he thought he was seeing things. When it happened again a day later he knew he was not. And on the third night he watched one of those bright stars move slowly back and forth in a semi circle before vanishing. Tonight topped it all off with what appeared to be a glimpse beyond our world of physical illusion. Something he had never experienced before in such a literal way.

Many noteable astrologers and channels have been talking about the significance of this month for quite some time. Apparently, September 2015 is a major milestone in the great shift we are experiencing. Astrologically there are two eclipses and a wormhole to keep us entertained. Energetically we continue to rise. The Earth is traveling through strong cosmic energies that are bombarding us with upgrades and downloads whether we are ready for them or not. Everyone’s experience will be their own based on where they are in their personal evolution. We should keep in mind that wherever that is, it’s perfect. Old fears may reappear and challenging situations may play themselves out over and over again. They are here to be released one last time. Be at peace and recognize the joy in every part of life. Be grateful. Gratitude is the key.

There was a ringing in his ear and the silence returned. He sat down on the grass and watched as the same two trees once again became a portal. It was a little darker now and harder to tell the difference between the our night sky and the one in the “tree portal”. Then a brilliant light began to shine only within the borders of the window and a comet streaked across.

Inside the now familiar silhouette was another shape, the shape of a man. He heard a soft voice say, “It’s you.”

He watched as the human form tore itself open at the chest with its own hands revealing all the light on the inside. Stars sparkled and shone, some brighter than others. The man dropped the shadow on the ground like a dark cloak. It was immediately engulfed in a bright violet flame, gone forever.

Did the cloak represent his ego? He had been struggling lately with being resistant, defensive or reactive in certain situations – all traits of the ego. He knew these things were coming up to be released. That was why he was out here grounding to the energy of the Earth. So was this it? Was his ego gone?

Again, the soft voice spoke one word, “Transformation.”

And it came to him. His ego wasn’t gone forever. It couldn’t be. Its purpose is to express the soul in the physical world. To do this in our new world it has to transform. It has to ascend just like us.

The crickets returned. He felt a sense of blissful knowing – another small step towards the tipping point.

4 Responses to Grounding

  1. Helen September 22, 2015 at 11:08 am #

    Can’t wait to read more!

    • jonvonknight September 22, 2015 at 3:07 pm #

      A truly heart felt thank you to you, Helen! For reading and sharing your thoughts. There’s more on the way and I look forward to bringing it to you! Stay tuned in (and grounded) :)

  2. MaryEllen King September 26, 2015 at 12:08 pm #

    Wow, Jon…that is beautiful!!! This month my whole being has been in quite an upheaval..can’t wait to get the book!!! Thank you!!!

    • jonvonknight September 27, 2015 at 8:33 am #

      Hi MaryEllen! Yes, this month has been quite a ride full of growth and changes. I wish all the most positive of change in their life! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. Thanks for reading!!

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