Fellow Travelers

We are fellow travelers hurtling through space at the breakneck speed of 67,000 miles per hour. It’s no wonder we feel the need to hold on to things so tightly.

But what are we holding on to? Life is a big place. 197 million square miles of endless possibility beckon to be found, loved and remembered. And that’s just on Earth.

It’s easy to lose our grip in all that potential. Friends get lost. We get lost. Time passes quickly. We have all this room to wander, all these ideas to explore and places to discover.

We meet other travelers along the way; some we ignore and some become trusted companions. At last count there were more than 7 billion of us on this blessed hell ride. Sometimes that makes us feel crowded. And other times we are utterly alone. It’s all so perfectly unpredictable.

Then, every once in a while, we experience a single moment where time and distance, as we think we understand them, cease to exist. Something or someone emerges from the endless possibility and shifts our perspective forever. We know without a doubt it was meant to be because it fits so seamlessly into our right now, like divine timing tucked it neatly into the master blueprint.

The magic that is “life, the universe and everything” reveals itself. We may never understand how the magic works but after that single moment we know it’s real. It becomes more real than the world we’ve been wandering through all these years and every bit as beautiful. Once you know the magic is real, the need to understand it fades and your faith in it grows.

When we reflect on our lives leading up to that moment we see how many times the universe tried to steer us directly at it. In hindsight, the signs could not have been more obvious. But in the midst of our right now we don’t always notice the energy of our future calling on us. Still the signs persist because the universe is forever guiding us to our highest purpose. It will never quit, even if we do.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these moments, greet it with gratitude and nurture it deeply. Follow every hunch. It’s the small hunches that usually lead to the big breakthroughs. When you start making those connections for yourself, the feeling of being lost in life is transformed into the knowledge that you could never be lost. All roads, no matter how long, twisty or detoured will eventually take us home.

This is where a writer would typically share a personal anecdote describing how this just happened to them and what they learned from it. I’m not going to do that here. I did recently experience my own moment out of time and it continues to floor me. The story is too big to be confined to a couple of paragraphs. It deserves deeper exploration. Maybe a book is in the works. For now lets just say that since that day I’ve been in sync, gears turning and meshing perfectly with every shift.

But what’s important right now, as you read this, is your moment. Your details are what matter. Have you ever had something or someone unexpected bring the promise of endless possibility back into your awareness? If you believe it can happen, it will. And when it does you’ll feel like a kid again. The energy around you will start to dance and attract more of the same. You’ll see that all that possibility was always there. You’ll see that it is you. And nothing ever comes to you out of the blue. You bring it in to your experience. Life can be beautiful that way.

We are fellow travelers speeding through space and time. We live on a planet spinning a thousand miles an hour and if no one told us that fact, we’d never know. Imagine what else we don’t know. Have faith in the imperceptible, unseen forces. They are the gold behind the shine of our existence in this physical reality.

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