Expansive November Energy

Hello November! This year for some reason, the first week of November feels a little like October – at least here in Northern New Jersey. The days have been sunny and the temperatures in the high sixties. I say, keep ‘em coming! Each season has its own way of touching the heart and soul and I’m all for enjoying the changes. But I wouldn’t be disappointed with a short, mild winter this year!

Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself – let’s stick with November for now.

This is a big month energetically. The 11/11 gateway promises to propel us even further into the new world. If you’d like to dive into the details check out one of my favorite websites – www.spiritlibrary.com . This is a treasure chest of energetic information written by a host of gifted healers, channels and illuminated souls. They post regularly and over time you’ll find the ones that resonate with you. I know I did!

As I was contemplating what I read there the last couple of days, a long lost but very familiar quote popped into my head. I’m sure you remember America’s Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Every week he signed off with the line, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” I wonder if he knew the profound message he was sending into the future.

During this time of rapid change and shifting realities, grounding our Self to the powerful, healing Earth energies helps us to elevate our frequencies – all the way to the stars. Being grounded and being present is what allows us to rise into the higher dimensions.

In the spirit of this expansive November energy, I am gifting my book, Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace to as many people as possible.

The Goodreads book giveaway started on October 15th and is still underway. About 60 people added it as “to read” and another 130 entered to win a free copy so far. Pretty cool! If you are interested go to www.goodreads.com and search for the book. You can enter to win one of 25 hard copies. You’ll have to join Goodreads to be eligible.

Or, if you are a Kindle owner, here is another freebie offer – On November 5th and 6th (that is this Thursday and Friday) anyone with a Kindle device can download Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace for free from www.amazon.com . Being an ebook, there’s no limit to how many people can download it so spread the word and help me get it out there!

As always my gratitude goes out to all who read these words. May your path always be well lit by the light in your heart!

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