Electoral Clown College

Autumn has peaked in the Northeast. Soon, the remainder of the leaves will fall to the ground, nurture the soil and feed future life. As I write this, the wind shakes the trees and hastens the decent to their final resting place. It’s as if they’ve had enough already and just want to end it all before the election. I can’t blame them. This contest is generating too much hatred and division in a world that’s craving peace more than ever. It seems like we are faced with an impossible decision. It’s not only our future that hangs in the balance but also the future of the world. No pressure.

Of course, voting is supposed to be an investment in our future and our children’s future. But take a close look at the last few presidential elections and you clearly see a pattern. It looks a lot like the downward spiral of leaves tumbling from the trees. In case you haven’t noticed, the American dream fades with every change of the guard. Promises are always forgotten and the truth is always twisted.

Still there are those that hold on to tradition. They hear all the dirt but refuse to believe it. They tell themselves its not that bad. Not that bad? This year’s election is a monumental insult to the intelligence of the entire world but somehow TV news coverage makes it all legitimate.

The good news? More people than ever are calling bullshit on the whole sham. The latest electoral clown college competition comes at the perfect time. This is a time of great awakening for us humans. We are fed up with the corruption, the deceit and the astounding greed of the ones who purport to run this planet. We can see right through it. This is a most amazing time to be alive. We are starting to realize that WE are the ones with the true power and regardless of what we look like or where we’re from, we are all in this together.

The change we are talking about is revolutionary because the energy that surrounds it is revolutionary. If history is any indicator, it’s safe to say that voting, alone, who ever you decide to vote for wont change anything of substance. The system has been hijacked and the hijackers know how to make it work for them. That’s been going on for a long time right under our noses and we let it happen. We can’t change it overnight and we can’t change it by operating within it.

But it can be changed. It all starts with the energy. Everything around us began as a thought – pure energy. We created our world with that energy. Like it or not we collectively created the world we live in now. Granted, our thoughts have been manipulated for most of our lives, mostly by the media. We’ve been taught to fear everything, even to fear each other. Fear is a dense and heavy energy. Love is the opposite – peaceful, happy and light. Which feels better to you? Aren’t we tired of being afraid of everything? It’s an easy thing to change. Choose love instead of fear.

At its core, every religion teaches the same thing. The power is in us. The power is love. The energies that now surround us support that love. That’s the reason everything appears to be falling apart. It’s cracking open to reveal the truth and our energy is the catalyst for that. We are making that happen! That’s amazing! We must make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are a few ways we can do that.






We have reached a peak in our existence, just like the late autumn leaves. It’s time for the old ways of this world to fall to the ground and die. We are here to usher in the new.

We may end up with an oval office occupied by someone who was no one’s first, second or even third choice but all is never lost. Our collective energy, focused on an outcome with the highest possible good for our country and the world can move mountains. If you don’t think the power of love and peaceful consciousness can have any effect on politics, take a look at where we are today. We got here operating in fear. It’s time we tried something different.

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