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Another brand new year is underway. Our hearts and souls are filled to the brim with refreshing new beginnings. What a wonderful feeling of rebirth. We won’t talk about New Year’s resolutions. We all know they tend to fall away quicker than the needles off a January Christmas tree. Let’s talk instead about creations. What will we create this year? There’s one thing we should be aware of before answering that question. There are no limits. If we have the ability to create anything we could dream of, and I do mean anything, how big would we dream?

As we ponder that thought, the universe looks at us with love and laughs because it knows our true potential. It knows we have the ability to create our biggest dreams with ease. When we get close to remembering that potential it sends us hints to let us know we are on the right path. You might call them synchronicities. Once you are tuned in to the universe you will notice them happening more and more. That’s its way of telling us, “Keep going! There is so much more!”

The one piece of wisdom the universe wishes to share with us this New Year seems so obvious that they never bothered to mention it before. It consists of three words that will help us create to our fullest potential.

Size doesn’t matter.

When we begin to understand creation and that our thoughts become things we may start out small because smaller things are more believable to us. But in the eyes of the universe, a creation is a creation. When you see the results of the small ones, you light up inside. You make the connection that it was you that made it happen. You’ve tapped into emotion and a potential for the momentum to build. Emotion is the power behind creative thought. That brilliant light inside of you beams out and illuminates your path. The path leads to bigger creations. You’ll start to ask questions like, “If I can create $400 today, why can’t I create $4,000 next week or $400,000 next year? You can. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. In reality, the possibilities are endless.

I use money only as an example. Your creations could be anything. Some people may dream of exotic cars and sprawling mansions. Others may dream of living in a secluded cabin, being close to nature and free to spend their days any way they want. Someone else may dream of having the freedom to travel the world on their own schedule. Creating the life of your dreams on a personal level is one thing and its absolutely possible. But what are we creating together? What signals do our collective thoughts send out to the universe?

Creation teaches that our thoughts become our reality. How many people still watch the news and walk away in fear of all the unrest in the world? How many are afraid it’s getting a little to close to home? Thoughts like that stir up strong emotions. Think about the tremendous power they carry into the world. If emotions are the power behind creative thought do we want to be led down that dark path of fear? If our collective consciousness was instead focused on love and peaceful solutions, we could create heaven on earth. The next obvious question is, “If we have the power to create paradise, why haven’t we done so?”

Great question!

The short answer: That’s why we are here, now. We know that with any great change comes chaos. Our spiritual ascension is a monumental change. It means some of us are remembering the power that we have always had. The gifts that most of us forgot when we were born are revealing themselves now. Others are still taken in by the illusion of what they believe is the real world. The illusion is trying desperately not to fade into nothingness. The violence and chaos we are seeing on the world stage is that desperation playing out knowing its days are numbered.

Enter the Edge Creators.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We see through the illusion. We stand on the line between the new and the old. Our hands are reaching out to Gaia – the spirit of Mother Earth – to help her cross that line and step up into the next dimension. What’s really exciting to know is that we chose to be here on planet earth at this time in our history for this exact reason!

Picture yourself standing on that line at the edge of our new creation. Behind you is the world we all know. It’s a beautiful place full of fond memories and people you love but it’s wounded by greed, choked by pollution and awash in lower consciousness. The people seem stressed out. They’re always wondering why life has to be so difficult. They have a feeling deep down that it doesn’t but they’re not sure what they can do to change it.

In front of you is the same beautiful world. Only it’s not the same. This other world is saturated in vibrant colors. The air is crisp and clean. The water is crystal clear and reflects the sky like a mirror. The scents of the natural world are poignant and pleasurable. There is no pollution. Free and renewable energy is a reality and accessible to everyone.

The people you know and love seem much happier. They are enjoying their lives. They are healthy. They no longer spend their time working for someone else’s dream. They have time for family and friends, time to travel, time for adventures or to pursue an education without amassing a lifetime of debt.

Everyone has suddenly realized that all the world’s religions are teaching the same thing – love. They now know it was man that used religion to drive a wedge between one another. The reasons why do not matter any longer. It is common knowledge that we all come from the same source of light. In the words of Carl Sagan, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

If we can change our thoughts on these two topics alone – energy and religion – we will have removed the true reasons for every war that was ever fought on this earth. Remove war from the equation and we free up an enormous amount of resources. We could use those resources to invest in technologies and ideas that create life rather than destroy it. We could provide food, shelter and education to those who don’t have it now. We could all get back to enjoying our time in this world with no worries of bombings, shootings, shortages or crisis ever again.

Now, there is a thought I would love to see become reality.

If we all focus on that new world and feel the emotions we would feel as a result of living in it, I mean feel them like you’re already living there, it will happen. Jump off the edge, creators and you will be given wings to fly!

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