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A little over 20 years ago, writing was the last thing on my mind. I hadn’t even read anything about Angels, spirit guides or universal consciousness let alone thought that I’d be writing about them. But there I was, a 25-year-old kid with long hair and a guitar getting my first communication from the universe and I didn’t even know it. The message they were sending?

  1. That was it.

I don’t remember the first time I saw the cryptic number sequence exactly. What I do remember is eventually seeing it so often that it triggered something deep. I was convinced there was something important about it. At first I wasn’t curious enough to pursue it. The World Wide Web was barely born and I wasn’t very proficient with computers so pursuing would have meant going to a bookstore or finding someone who knew about these things and talking to them. It seemed like a lot of work for someone whose main concern at the time was playing in a band. So I went about my life ignoring it.

This was an action that, contrary to popular belief, did not make it go away. In fact, it intensified and seemed to come in waves. At the height of a wave I would see the numbers everywhere, all the time. 808 on clocks, street addresses, phone numbers, you name it, then it would subside for a while.

This went on for years. At one point I was waiting in a tech line at a drag racing event daydreaming about the numbers. I said to myself if 808 really means something give me a sign, something clear so I have no doubt. At that moment a box truck in the line next to me started to move forward. On the back, looking like a rolling billboard were the numbers 808.

Ask and you shall receive. Pretty amazing but maybe I didn’t ask the right question.

For God’s sake, what does it mean?

Now, I had a computer and a web connection. I mentioned the phenomena to a friend and she suggested I search it. The one result I can still remember was a Hawaiian area code. Was I supposed to move to Hawaii? I seriously considered it (who wouldn’t?) but I knew that wasn’t the answer.

I went back to the drawing board and came up empty again and again. So I put the drawing board away for what turned out to be a long time. I became comfortable with the fact that I would just keep seeing these numbers for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to now. Our world has changed. The quickness of the change seems to grow exponentially with each passing year. The information available to us is endless. Amazing discoveries are changing all that we’ve thought to be true in history and science and they just keep coming.

This quantum leap in information came at about the same time my best friend started to confide in me some very amazing, and at the time, mysterious experiences. This combination awakened my soul to the limitless potential that’s been hidden from all of us in plain sight. I was so inspired I had to share her story so I wrote a book. In the process of writing the book it became our story. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I have an announcement to make, technically, two announcements.

The first is that finally, after all these years, I believe I have deciphered the “808” code. The second announcement, of course, is the meaning.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I release my first book, Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace on August 8, 2015!

The date translates to 8/08. I recently learned the significance of August 8th and things began to come clear. It is known as the Lion’s Gate. Every year on this date the Earth aligns with the center of the galaxy creating a portal for beneficial energies to shine through to us. This year is particularly magical since 2015 is an “8” year. If you would like more detail check out these links:

My book and ebook will be available on Amazon and Kindle this Saturday! I will provide links on Facebook and or you can just do a search on Amazon.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this true story and that it opens up new doors in your journey. It’s an exciting time for all of us to be alive!

Now, here is the kicker – and this is no lie – this morning when I sat down to write this I looked at the little clock in the corner of my laptop and the time was 8:08am.

You can’t make this stuff up.

There are also 808 words in this post. That I couldn’t resist!

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