Change is Good

Save for love, change may be the most quoted idea in history. It is inevitable. It is the only constant. Change is good but seldom easy. It can be painful and awkward or clever and wise. We resist it and resent it and then we embrace it and grow, wondering why we didn’t change sooner.

Wow, we put a lot of thought into this word. Leave it to the mind to overthink change. Better yet, leave it to the heart and change will actually happen. No doubt it was my heart that led to this:

Jon Von Knight is retiring. But…

I will be picking things up right where he left off. So if you see any posts in your newsfeed from J.E. Van Loke please know that’s me! I am grateful for the opportunity to interact with all of you and I hope you stick around for the evolution.

I started this page over 5 years ago to promote my self published book COURAGE PASSION WISDOM and GRACE and to share the things I was learning about the rise in human consciousness and how it affects our lives here on earth. It’s been a great experience but now it’s time for some change.

This includes refreshing updates to the story, a new title and no more hiding behind a pen name. I’m actively looking for an agent and publisher so I have no release date right now but please stay tuned to the new J.E. Van Loke Facebook page for updates. If you already like this page you’re good to go. Its just a simple name change on my end, or as Facebook likes to call it, rebranding.

Many who have read the original book have related the serendipitous timing of picking it up when they most needed the information within, like the story jumped off the page and applied itself to their lives. Some have found answers to long held personal questions. Others have had dreams similar to scenes in the book before reading them, only to be blown away when they reach this chapter or another. It’s as if the pages are mirrors reflecting memories and moments from the life of whoever views them.

I didn’t plan any of that. How on earth could anyone plan that? But I believe it because I set an intention while writing the story. It contains the energy of an extraordinary friendship and it’s driven by the love of an angelic soul who cares so much for this world and everyone in it that she’s dedicated her life to making it better. I am happy to call that soul my best friend and grateful that our story touches others so profoundly.

You may ask if all this is true why did you feel the need to revise? I can only say that the story asked to be revised. The reason is stated simply in the first version. The universe is always changing, always learning more about itself. We are the changing universe and we will never stop learning and growing.

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