J.E. Van Loke’s Bio


Feel the Breeze

Even as a young boy John was curious of the unknown. As he grew older his curiosity turned into a healthy questioning of the status quo. He’s always believed that there is more to this world than what is commonly accepted as reality but he decided to play along for a while anyway.

He went to school, got a good job and then began living for weekends, vacations and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness, for him, meant being in nature, hiking, boating, fishing and camping; as long as he was breathing the fresh air or playing in the water he was content.

But in the quiet down times, free of all distractions he was painfully aware that something was missing. Why was he still playing along?

Then one day his beliefs came calling. A world beyond our reality stood right in front of him, no longer confined to the books he was reading about higher dimensions, shifting energy or mysterious ancient civilizations. His oldest and dearest friend had reached out to him for help. She was getting messages from another world. After listening for a while he thought he had better start taking notes because what she had to say was worth writing down. Humans were about to remember the long lost truth of who they are and why they’re here and she was being prepped to show us the way. Those notes became his first book: Courageous Wisdom: The True story of a Way-Shower and he’s been writing ever since.

His research and meditation on the shift in human consciousness, not to mention his best friend’s direct line to universal wisdom, has led him to realize the connection between our inner and outer worlds. He continues to explore these worlds like a pioneer soul, sharing what he learns and setting a clear intention to help others make their own connection, find their own answers and join the shift to a new way of being human.

And so, another glorious journey begins.

Love and gratitude always for Tomacea, Toumakin, Kenanu, Rachel, Anontion, Shoshannon and all the guides and Angels who cheer us on from a dimension that’s closer than we think.