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Twisting the Throttle

It was early October a little over ten years ago. Jack got a call from a close friend. She was moving and her new place had no garage. She asked if she could keep her bike at his house for a little while, sweetening the deal by saying, “Feel free to take it for a […]

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The universe loves an abundant exchange. I love that about the universe! So I decided to launch a Goodreads book giveaway. I have 25 copies of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace that need a new home. I will sign them and send them to the winners. If you love to read and you’re not already […]

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Mount Saint John

Up early and ready to get back into the woods, Sharon began her second day of hiking at the Leigh Lake trailhead. She steadily made her way back up into the mountains. The terrain was a little more difficult than yesterday. Each switchback was a little steeper and a little longer than before. She was […]

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