The True Story of a Way Shower

We live in exciting times. And yet there is much uncertainty. Opinions have never been stronger. Corruption and unrest seem to rule the world putting undue stress on what is meant to be a joyous and prosperous existence.

This is what transition looks like. Humanity is evolving. We move forward like a toddler in awkward bursts of determined momentum, searching for the next stable object. But we move forward nonetheless. And like the toddler we learn and grow.

We are witness to and participants in a tremendous shift in human consciousness foretold by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Many people are aware of the shift. They see through the illusion of life as we know it and are quite aware that things will not continue as they are. These open hearts and minds have awakened to the truth that we are more than just physical beings. We are energy. We are all connected and there exists a great power within us.

Still, many remain sleeping. They acknowledge that the major components of society are broken but they feel powerless to affect any real change. So they continue to play by the rules in a system that was designed to keep them from knowing the truth of who they are. The system designers love the sleeping masses. They perpetuate the slumber while they hoard resources, knowledge and power for themselves.

But the collective consciousness continues to rise and the tipping point approaches. Enter the Way-Showers; their gift is the memory of our truth and they are here to guide us back to ourselves. My best friend Sharon is one of them.

I have been blessed with an open heart, a curious mind and an extraordinary friendship. When Sharon first confided in me I had no way of knowing it would take us both so far from what our lives once were. She has shared with me countless and invaluable insights from her guides and angels. I’ve researched the concepts of higher dimensions, shifting energies and ancient knowledge tirelessly. And yet I haven’t learned anything that I didn’t already know. We all know these truths. We feel them deep inside.

We are just so wrapped up in the “real” world and what we’ve been told for generations is true that we refuse to accept any other version. But everything, including time, is a cycle and the time to remember has come back around.

We hold the wisdom of the ages in our hearts. We access it through our intuition. A Way-Shower’s purpose is to reconnect us to all the things we already know so that we can create an abundant world where everyone prospers and lives in harmony with our natural surroundings. Sharon excels at this purpose and that’s why I’m sharing our story.

Courageous Wisdom is the true story of a Way Shower, one of the few extraordinary souls here to guide us back to greatness and remind us that what we seek is in our hearts.